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On my mind:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”
– G.K Chesterton

I heard that for the first time last week.

The idea is if you’re building a habit, doing something half-assed is better than no-assed. Working out for 30 minutes is better than no minutes. Stuff like that.

Certainly, we shouldn’t ship half-assed work.

But there’s always something work-wise we could be half-assing and we’re not.

For me, it’s time blocking.

Ideally, I’d like to put out 5 original tweets and one LinkedIn post daily. I’ve put a recurring “social media planning session” in my calendar, but I’ve yet to attend my own meeting.

Instead, I update my feeds haphazardly and bear the guilt of having gone another day not updating or engaging in real conversation.

What is it for you?

  • Updating old content?
  • Keyword research?
  • Link building?
  • Testing?
  • Finding tasks to automate?

Whatever it is, can we commit to half-assing it together?

I’ll promise to take at least 10 minutes to sketch out some tweets this week, if you promise to…

I don’t know, what will you half-ass?

Let’s keep each other accountable, I’m serious.

An interesting tweet:

You never know which tweet will go viral

This caught my eye a couple days ago.

Some of the formats include:

  • Compile a book or podcast into a thread and tag the creator.
  • Show your tool stack.
  • Share a contrarian insight.

Some of it’s kinda obvious, but there are some gems.

Also, I swear it wasn’t intentional for the theme to be “Why Tommy feels he needs to tweet more.”

It just kind of happened that way I guess?

📡 What’s on my radar?

🍦What’s a milkshake’s job (or any other product for that matter)?

💰Top-performing enterprise content marketers are different, but why?

😈There’s power in being polarizing.

📽Ryan Ng has superior visual storytelling skills.

Weekly update:

I’m working on a video that shows how to set up an automation that lets you click a button in Airtable and automatically upload a Google doc draft directly into WordPress without leaving the platform.

Best video I’ve ever made, but it’s taking longer than I’d like.

Instead, here’s a throwback to a month ago where I shared how I’ve set up my Airtable for content marketing.

Consider it a pre-requisite for what comes next.

Also, if you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

Airtable’s agreed to let my newsletter subscribers get a free 60 day trial of their Pro plan.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up and can show you how to set up some of my favorite automations.