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Adam Ryan knows how to use content to sell.

He was the president of The Hustle – a newsletter for business-minded millennials – when it was sold to Hubspot for $27 million after all.

Today, he runs Workweek, a media company that is “changing the world of business by creating content and communities you’ll actually enjoy.”

They’re the ones behind Tracey Wallace’s Contentment newsletter, The Marketing Millennials, Nik Sharma’s DTC Branding, along with other great original programming.

We talk a lot about how we use content to sell products, but I imagine you think about the investment much differently when the content _is _your product.

That’s why on Tuesday April 25th, at 1pm est / 10am pst Adam and I will discuss the dollars and cents side of content marketing and specifically, how you should be thinking about the payback period and overall return of investment on your content.