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Joe Pulizzi is a content marketing legend.

He’s the founder of:

🔸 The Content Marketing Institute, the go-to resource for content marketing information.
🔸 The Tilt, a publishing company that helps content creators grow full-time, independent media businesses.
🔸 The Creator Economy Expo, a conference for content entrepreneurs
🔸 The Orange Effect, a foundation that delivers speech therapy and technology services to over 350 children in 37 states.

In addition, he’s also the author of Epic Content Marketing and Content Inc, and he hosts a weekly podcast by the same name, and is ALSO the cohost of This Old Marketing with Robert Rose.

He’s been referred to as “The Godfather of Content Marketing” and for a good reason. His work has influenced millions and has spawned an entire generation of content marketers who make things that are genuinely interesting to consume.

In this episode of The Cutting Room, Joe and I will discuss:

👉 The most common mistake marketers make when it comes to repurposing
👉 His predictions for content in 2024
👉 The one key to great content creation

Join us live can interact with Joe and the rest of The Cutting Room viewers!